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Sleep-A-Weigh Plus w/ Liquid Collagen – Natural Weight loss & Sleeping Aid – 32oz, 32 serv

Tropical Oasis Sleep a Weigh helps your body rebuild muscle, increase metabolism, and fight aging, all while you sleep! Collagen is a structural protein that forms your body’s connective tissues including tendons, ligaments, muscle, and cartilage, which your body repairs and rebuilds while you sleep. It is is also a nutrient that helps give additional thickness and strength to your skin, hair and nails. Additional thermogenic ingredients L-carnitine and L-lysine help boost metabolism. To help fight aging, the Sleep a Weigh formula also includes aloe vera, applecider vinegar, Tonalin CLA, vitamin C and B6. Tropical Oasis Sleep a Weigh is a well-balanced weight loss and health aid for a successful diet and exercise program.Natural collagen formula with aloe vera and thermogenic ingredients to help manage the weight loss battle for better health
Sleep A-Weigh Plus assists the body’s overnight rebuilding process and increases your metabolism
anti-aging formula delivers apple cider vinegar, Tonalin CLA and vitamins C and B-6.
Great tropical fruit taste | No artificial flavors or colors.
Liquid Supplements are absorbed up to 96% by the body – Compared to pills/capsules that are only absorbed about 18%

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