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Control – Women’s Weight Loss Supplement | The Best All-Natural, Energy-Boosting & Appetite-Suppressing Ingredients In One Bottle | B12, B6, L-Arginine, Guarana, Cha De Bugre & More | 30-Day

Control is formulated to help with lack of energy, boost metabolism and decrease appetite. These common symptoms are usually associated with the hormonal-imbalance our body causes as we age. Each of the ingredients in Control has a unique benefit our bodies need to help with these symptoms. We’ve combined these all-natural ingredients giving you a powerful, effective supplement. Why pay for each ingredient separately? Everything you need is conveniently formulated in one bottle..

Appetite Suppressant – Control has a combination of ingredients that have been proven to suppress Appetite.  Together, these ingredients provide incredible results. Control, as with all of our supplements, is all-natural, safe and proven to provide results. If you are looking to control your appetite without surgery, stimulants or pharmaceuticals, Control is for you.

Increases Energy – If you are having trouble finding the energy and motivation needed to get you through the day, our energy supplement, Control, can help with your struggles.  Our all-natural ingredients were formulated to get to the problem by naturally and safely balancing your hormones.  Women’s unbalanced hormones have been shown to have a terrible effect on stamina and endurance which leads to weight gain and fatigue.

Manufactured in our FDA-Compliant Lab – Because we oversee & control the entire manufacturing process in our own FDA-Compliant lab in Tampa, FL, we are 100% confident in the supplements we produce.  All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA. We guarantee you will receive safe, natural supplements with every order.

All Natural, Organic Ingredients – We produce and provide safe, natural & effective supplements. And we only use the highest quality all-natural, raw materials. 100% Guarantee – If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 30 days of purchase. We will refund 100% of your money.THE MOST COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT FOR WOMEN ON THE MARKET – Don’t waste money paying for each ingredient separately! Our impressive weight control formula includes the best, all-natural ingredients available – in each bottle – assisting with boosting energy & suppressing appetite. The combination of these ingredients provides an overwhelming advantage to any other supplement on the market, ensuring you will improve your energy & metabolism while decreasing appetite and cravings.
A POWERFUL COMBINATION OF INGREDIENTS FOR ANY WOMAN LOOKING to suppress appetite, get a boost in energy or simply to lose weight. Our scientifically-tested formula will help get those results by balancing hormone levels associated with age or menopause. Control is not just another deceitful, weight-management supplement; this formula’s powerful & effective ingredients work synergistically & safely with our bodies helping maintain our healthiest weight while increasing energy levels.
CONTROL’S FORMULA IS DESIGNED TO WORK WITH THE BIO-IDENTICAL MAKEUP of a woman’s body by dealing with the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance & menopause. Women’s hormones affect our bodies on every level. Fluctuating hormonal levels can deplete our energy and seriously slow down our metabolism. Natural Powers Nutrition’s Control for women puts you in charge – crash diets, pills and detox drinks do not work long term. Do more than just manage your weight – balance your system naturally.
MILLIONS OF AMERICAN WOMEN SUFFER from unbalanced hormones every year. The good news is, with correct lifestyle changes & proper supplementation, you can begin to feel like yourself again and start enjoying life. Hormonal imbalances affect our energy & metabolism, making it a struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Taking Control on a daily basis is a safe & effective way to control weight and enhance energy levels. Control is all-natural and contains no caffeine, chemicals, binders or fillers.
SUBLINGUAL INTAKE FOR MAX ABSORPTION – The oral delivery of our products – taken under the tongue – allows the nutrient’s rich bio-active nutrients & molecules to be absorbed quickly & directly into the blood stream. This ensures that the important nutrients contained in our supplements are delivered unaltered into the body and at a high rate of absorption, rather than broken down in the digestive tract.

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