Saturday , July 4 2020

1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

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  1. I never comment on videos like this because i never seem to see any difference in my body when doing them, but I have been doing this workout for 4 days now and my stomach has genuinely become flatter and I have still been eating the same as normal!! So just wanted to say thank you

  2. None of what you said, to me mountain climbers is the most difficult one

  3. thank you this world needs more people like you that don't waste peoples time and you see real changes

  4. who else want to look fab this summer

  5. so I started yesterday Nd today I did it again I noticed all my fat is coming to the center of my tummy so I’m freaking out rn 😂😂😂

  6. Well I'll give this exercise a try see you in 7days… hoping for the best 🙏

  7. I have my AirPods in and there making my heart beating sound louder XD

  8. I'm on day 4, my ab definition is starting to come back and I’m so excited for it :O (I had lovely abs about two years ago but work got in the way of working out and I got a bit of a tum)

    Can anyone tell me what the Naval is though?.. It's mentioned a lot…

  9. This is the 4th day I’m doing this workout and honestly I feel slimmer and my stomach is actually starting to look flatter! I definitely found the hover legs the hardest the first time I did it, but after 4 days I can do them a lot more confidently!!! 🏋️‍♀️👍🏼 I can only imagine what I’ll look like after doing this every day for 2 weeks+ !

  10. What should I eat while doing these, if I eat what I normally eat will it still work or should I start having like salads and stuff? 😂 I have no idea but I really want to lose weight x

  11. is it just me or does the hoover open and close go wayyy quicker than the others???

  12. Oh my god these cained. Must be doing good! 😍

  13. Hey y'all I'm going to log how this workout turns out!

    Day 1: It's about 2 pm right now and I'm watching the video, I attempted to workout earlier but I thought I should watch the video and workout with it. I've got a month until returning to school (band camp) and I definitely hit that quarantine fifteen if you know what I mean… I don't look at myself in the mirror and see myself, I see fat, my goal is to feel comfortable in my own clothing again and back within healthy margins.

  14. My neck hurts, this is my first time doing an ab and full body type workout in a year, and my neck hurts only a couple minutes in..

  15. This doesn’t work just if you’re wondering and your hyped for a fit body in 7 days it’s clickbait

  16. I've been doing this video at least 3 times a week for a little over a month now and although I still have some fat over the muscle, I've got a way stronger core AND I've lost almost 4 inches from my waist!! Thank you for helping me feel better about myself! I can only do the sitting up crunches for 20 secs on each side but when i started out I couldn't do them at ALL! They're by far the hardest part of this workout🤣

  17. I have high Matabelism or how ever you say it but this gets my blood pumping for ballet which I’ve been doing for 8 years why’d i say dat 😅 but good work gurl 👍

  18. Would this still work if I do more ab workouts?

  19. Day 1 complete! Had to take a break at the start

  20. Damn this workout is awesome! It may look easy but really is an ab burner. I did it for 5 days and I already saw definition on day 3 itself on the other hand other workouts give me those 11 lines definition after 10 days or so. I highly recommend this workout to anyone who's not sure if they should start with this workout. This workout makes your abs burn every single time you do it. I'm doing this for 14 days and I'll update my results at the end.

  21. Should we do it for how long the video is or add more time to see the results?

  22. I have been doing this workout for 4 days now and I’m getting really annoyed at me self because I just feel like I’m not losing and weight

  23. I ushually don't ask for likes n shit like this but I really need the motivation 😕 1 like= how many days I'll do the workout ! help me out please 🤪

  24. Fav workout, the single one i actually enjoy doing

  25. The hardest one is hands on the bum 😂😂😟😟

  26. The first workout i did without cheating

  27. I have a question, should we repeat this workout like 3x to get more results or the 13 mins workout is enough? Hope that i’ll have a response ahaha. Thanks!

  28. It's literally been a day and I already see a difference

  29. I'm here while every body is scared and tell how quarantine is making them eat. While I'm trying to look like a model

  30. I want to say thank you to Holly for sharing this workout, I have always been insecure about my tummy and always hated my lower belly fat. I've been doing this for 3 days and I see (and feel) differences. It's getting easier each day and I am motivated to keep doing it every single day! This workout makes me feel better about myself because I realized how strong my body can be, and regardless of the results we should all feel proud of ourselves for trying to improve our bodies to be stronger and healthier. Stay motivated and hydrated! ❤️ x

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