Wednesday , December 2 2020

15 Yoga Poses That'll Make Your Stomach Flat

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  1. Do you like yoga? What is your favorite pose and why?

  2. Just after 5 days, the best muscular tone ever! This is amazing!

  3. I have been doing it from -October 18th 2020. Lets see what happens in 1 month.its 9 days now.

  4. who else as an Indian kid knew all these asans but never knew ths=at they could help with weight loss?😅

  5. I've been doing this for a week and it works!! 😃

  6. 1:44
    what does it mean by firms your buttocks

  7. If you want more yoga tips you can reach out Swami Ram Dev

  8. Hi , i love this workout as this traditionally practiced by Indians!
    It works inam doing it from a week ! So slim belly , 9 inches difference , isn't it fabulous ?
    I used to drink green tea twice a day with it and no sugary items, normal home food , it works !!

  9. Yoga is excellent for wt loss flexibility Nd strong bones Nd muscles .. it’s give life long strength… besides these try doing suryansmskar ..

  10. Yoga is from India soo happy all are following this

  11. i just dont know how to do the boat pose

  12. I like yoga but it so hard at the beginning

  13. very nice and helpful in this pandemic. is it only me that notices the background music? i really don't like it

  14. Reverse table top pose is difficult for me.

  15. No one asked, but i'm gonna say it anyway

    Savasana is my fvrt asana. I can do it for straight 2hrs

  16. These poses are amazing!! They were very effective.

  17. Thumbnail looks like Pepsi logo 😂

  18. I am doing this for last 5 days and it has shown great results in such a small period of time❤️ .

  19. Poses could have started from step by step.m unable to come to the position directly to wt u showing. But really nice.

  20. Thank you bright side I love ❣️ your video s

  21. How many times have to do this exercise a day ,plz reply

  22. I did this whole thing today and I feel great… I was able to do all of them more or less except of the side plank and the regular plank was a little difficult for me. But I'm planning to do this for at least two weeks and see what I get.
    My current weight is 63kg
    My ideal weight is less than 50kg

  23. 1st pose was pretty easy = 30 secs… 3rd pose i found pretty hard = 60 secs… 9th pose you say lets do 30 secs (but build up on future days)… the counter goes 60 secs… Thems my gripes with this video.

  24. 1 like = 1 motivation for workout

    I will post my results.

  25. Yoga, Indian origin is always the best

  26. Tree pose is my most difficult pose…I always fall out but I will get one day🤔

  27. What if you cannot do the side plank? I'm new to yoga

  28. Seated forward bend & camel pose little painful:(

  29. I am age 11 and this was really difficult. I am not skinny and I wanted to lose weight so I could be more secure about my body, let me say that this was very difficult I gave up halfway through the video cause my asthma started to kick in but tomorrow I hope that I could get thought the whole thing. I'm really looking forward into seeing a change with my stomach 😁

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