30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low impact results.

  1. i can't go to the gym due to the COVID-19

  2. Me is fat but today me doing alot of this i need year or more or not more to be nice

  3. Omg…. I cannot believe I finished the whole thing without stopping….this is going to be my routine for awhile. Thanks for the video!!!!

  4. You are so motivational thank you so much!!!

  5. First real workout since giving birth to my son 2 years ago. I’ve tried on and off this whole time but never got into the videos and felt worse about myself. This is probably the first time a video has made me feel better about myself. Seeing people like me and being told it’s about progress and not perfection and being told it’s okay to take breaks helped me immensely. Thank you for this

  6. I got about 15 minutes in until my chest started to really hurt so I choose to stop and continue on later

  7. Thank you! The workout was fun and your positivity really motivated me! Will definitely be doing more of your classes in the future

  8. Those touch and knee raises are the worst thing that ever happened to me.

  9. Sir my body dislike you but i am loving you 6 minutes & 44 seconds into the video i started to sweat my forehead back rolls arms i love how you have heavy set in your videos also how you encourages us to take our time and relax get water he just finished with you on our own time keep the videos coming

  10. My parents are your biggest fans this lockdown ✌️ More power to you

  11. I have never lasted 30 minutes of exercise on Youtube.but , today with you I did it..i can not wait for tomorrow to exercise with you again.i am 74 kilo. my aim is 70. Lets do it. Thank you.

  12. When I googled “exercises for the beginners” and saw that video I was like ‘okay he has real people exercising there so maybe I can do it as well’… and I couldn’t. It was really hard for someone who doesn’t exercise at all. But thanks for the video it does help!

  13. I love it !! marched and did my best…yeah !!!

  14. I've tried this workout today, like everyone else I clicked this video because there are real size people like me I'm 16stone and loose motivation quite quick but this workout was amazing my legs are feeling it now, 🙂 thank you

  15. Workout done. But now I gotta RUN make rice before my parents come home XD

  16. What an inspiration. I dont like to do exercise but i did it <3 thank you for the confidence

  17. Can someone tell me how many calories this workout burns ??

  18. Yo this trainer is a straight up bro at giving motivation

  19. Wow they are an amazing couple and can Angie move or what. I could not keep up with her in any shape or form lol. Into my second week and still loving it 💜

  20. Yesterday was my first time following this workout & I could only do half rest I marched in place. By this time I was feeling a little deflated I couldn't complete then instructor at the end said 'even if you could only March through the whole thing, it's great n come back tomorrow to do better'! That was so motivating and that's what I did, completed the whole workout 😀. It's so good to see regular people in these videos who are on their own fitness journey 👍👍👍

  21. I’ve gained so much weight over the past 6 months, it’s sickening. I’ve been super stressed and I just eat and eat and eat. To suppress my appetite I started watching mukbangs. Well, that didn’t work. Typed in beginner workouts and this is the first one that popped up. I told myself for July I am giving myself 30 days to change my habits. Starting this immediately. Wish me luck!

  22. Wow what a great 30 mins work out .thanks

  23. I love you guys!! I would love to start doing your easier workouts each day. I love how low-impact they are. I have a bad back, knees, and muscle problems and was able to do most of the workout, which is so good. God bless you guys!!! I'm on a weightloss journey. Its not easy to move when you're always tired. But, i need to have discipline….ty for the inspiration! It is very motivating.

  24. Day one …… my fitness tracker recorded it as steps! Great to use a workout that is done standing, so I can protect my back injury and dodgy knees

  25. Wade is my hero! Looks like I'm about the same size after my quarantine weight gain. Diet is very important, but coupled with exercise and it feels like I'm supercharged! Got about a 1/3 of the way through and wanted to tap out, but Wade kept going and so should I. I got through the whole thing on my first try! Can't wait to keep it up and I'll be knocking this thing out like a piece of cake (though no cake for me now.)

  26. I’ve been wanting to lose weight but never really knew how. Today I decided to stop thinking about it, and do something. This video is my starting point, I’m going to be doing this every day. I’m excited to finally be moving on from my old self. Thank you

  27. Hi can anyone suggest how many pounds or calories someone can lose with this workout?

    Please share your experience
    Would be grateful

  28. I'm so excited and thankful that I came across this video. Just got done doing this 30 min work out and although i stopped a few times to catch my breath; I mentally kept myself in the game and kept going until the very end. This is for someone who also has never stepped a foot into the gym. I'm so pumped! Thank you!!

  29. Thanks man enjoyed it. Worth watching esp for returning to exercise

  30. Time to burn those extra 10kg I've put in the last year. I went through the whole session, stopped like a minute each 10 minutes but it was fine, I'm sweating and I feel really good xD Now I'm going straight to the shower!! Thanks for being so motivational!!!

  31. Well day one of this work out, COOL! I like that you are showing people like me, not people that look like super models, Thank you, will be back tomorrow.

  32. I can't believe my fat butt made it through lol.

  33. Mr Danial Thank you for this amazing Project I have a question why you get tired & l feel your shortness of breath during exercises ?? ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  34. im frustrated cuz COVID has Club Fitness down. But even it were up, i'm not ready to risk COVID exposure at the gym and bringing it back home to the fam. But i cannot afford an eliptical machine nor weight machine and desperately need to exercise. i used to go in the wee hours of the morning when the gym was empty and i could take my time and sweat it out and not feel the intimidation of all the hot fit people who frequent during regular business hours. Thanks for this vid. it helps having this

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