Wednesday , December 2 2020

7 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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  2. Got the foam roller thingie now I can do these 🙂

  3. great Job! still I have been thru this and one of the best exercises is to use green band and stand bent over on one leg and balance. Knee never past toe in a gentle squat

  4. Can you tell me the brand of your shorts? I've been looking for a pair like them forever and can't find them. Thanks!

  5. Thanks a lot. Your exercise that really work. Have a wonderful weekend. Doctor !🙏😘

  6. Mam I underwent double Hoffa fracture 10yr back…after delivery my weight increased..
    Pls pls suggest me weight loss excersises without giving pressure on knees…
    While doing routine Excersises I'm feeling pain..

  7. Is this ok for me to do when I have put pressure on my leg will this help my leg get stronger?

  8. Hi AskDoctorJo thank you so much for your channel and these exercises. May I check, do you recommend doing these every day or every other day? Many thanks, Sarah

  9. Thank you for this video, much appreciated!

  10. I can't see the excercise well because of the subtitle

  11. im not even experiencing pain yet lol

  12. Why are bridges good for strengthening ur knees?

  13. I am very greatfull for this video i háve strengthend my knees i was having a issue with my knees always dislocating and i feel like they are stronger.

  14. Thanks so much! Hopefully these will help a painful knee.

  15. Thx for the video. Been having unexplainable knee pain for the past month or so. Hopefully this helps!

  16. This exercise also affected ligament recovery tell me Dr jo

  17. This exercise is also ligament exercise sis

  18. Thanks for the Vid. I am recovering from a surgery After dislocating my knee caps multiple Times and need to strengthen my knees to get back to Basketball

  19. Can I do these exercises after a knee dislocation, my knee dislocated 2-3 weeks ago and came back in 10 seconds on it own , it feels weak now. Can I do these exercises to strengthen it?

  20. I have a knee pain when I sleep straight otherwise no pains are there . So can you suggest me something to do for it.

  21. Disregard my last comment. I found the answer in the comments. Thanks.

  22. I really like the pillow you're using in this video. Where can I get one? Nice video, by the way.

  23. I’m in the mkt for a TENS/EMS unit and saw your review of the wireless IRelieve unit. I have aging knees. I’m sure trying not to have replacements. I really only walk the treadmill these days but afterwards the knees are sore and inflamed. Will either functions help reduce any of the inflammation and swelling? These days the serious walking is about the best exercise I can get. Thanks

  24. have got really weak knees where it hurts to the sides of my knee also buckles forward sometimes hope this fixes it, is the knee brace or sleeve better ?

  25. she's really tall. My waist barely even pass the chair backrest

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