Tuesday , December 1 2020

8-Minute Ab Workout – Best Exercises To Tighten Your Stomach And Tone Your Six Pack

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  1. Nothing gets me like bicycle crunches! What's your favorite abs exercise?

  2. Sigh. what were we doing here. I lost my concentration! LOL

  3. The best ab workout I have ever seen. Love from India❤👍

  4. Great workout! How many times per day and how many days per week for great result, especially six pack focus?

  5. my teacher told me to get this video for homework

  6. 8 minutes plank challenge or 8 minutes abs challenge ? which one is better for belly fat reduction

  7. Hahha switching up exercises makes you feel soo weak! Been training for years but doing something new always fucks me up so much mpre than the 200 toes to bars or crunches i normally do! Great home workout my man!

  8. Slow down bro, I'm dying here 😭

  9. Hey Jared! Can you do a Mcgill 3 big workout, please???? 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I couldn’t find any but just explanations. Besides, I love following your instructions.

  10. Jared, I tried your workout today and I really like it! It was challenging because I have weak abs, but I plan on sticking it out. I hate working abs. I think this workout is do-able for me. Thank you!

  11. I don't know why I can never feel anythinh

  12. Thank you very much for such efficient abs workout!!! It’s a real burner for core muscles !!! I’m gonna reveal them!!!

  13. Love this! Thanks for an awesome workout for my abs!

  14. looks great!!! Won't hurt the back?

  15. How about an effective way to tighten serratus and lateral obliques..and rid flab from entire upper side profile ?

  16. Love this video, very helpful. I have not been able to fully perform the entire 8 minutes but I feel it. Disregard those who mentioned less talking, if they listen your directions are very helpful. Form is 50% of the workout. Keep doing what you do.

  17. I that it’s a workout that I can slot into a small time slot

  18. I understand now the cycle exercise and yes, it’s tough but good. Thank you for your channel.

  19. How many hours should I train my body?

  20. Who took breaks after every exercise?

  21. A little bit advice, don't forget to tell people how to breath properlyy,cuz i just realise recently, thanks bro!

  22. How often would I do this at the beginning of training. I am 63 but am in good shape for my age. Except for the belly. Thanks

  23. Little less conversation a little more action please

  24. Broo is it still ok eventhough we dont pull our feet off the ground while doing russian twist, like you did?

  25. I did enjoy it!! Thank you so much!!👍🏼

  26. I did these yesterday and could hardly walk today 😂😂 Much better than sit ups though

  27. Hi Jared, I am 17 months post partum. Did your mommy tommy work out that cleared my 4 finger diastatis recti space. But the tommy is still hanging out. May I do this set of exercises to get rid of my mommy tommy?

  28. What are the best exercises to build the muscle above the knee and strengthen the knee for people in their 50's who have lost some muscle tone in that area.

  29. Thanks…Didn’t realize how out of shape I am….these exercises are killers

  30. Is this for toning? Or is this also good for getting rid of belly fat?

  31. Is this like a daily thing or do I do it 4-3 days a week ?

  32. Have you ever considered doing a video on strengthening wrists?

  33. I’m always struggling with knowing what weight to pick and still get an effective workout.

  34. My favorite, walk outs or “inch worms” as my trainer called them. I would go for a long reach. Is that an ab exercise? Your “8-minute Plank” is all I can do!

  35. I tried this after completing the 8-minute plank 4 times. The straight leg leg raises seem to me to carry to much risk for the lower back for what you get out of it. That one can get away from you quick, whereas planks don’t leverage so much moving weight.

  36. Thank you so much. Loved this ab workout.

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