Thursday , August 13 2020

Arm Workouts For Sagging Skin: Arm Toning (in 10 minutes)

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  1. what is your favorite body part to workout? 💪🏻

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  2. will these workouts help reduce breast size?

  3. 😅💦🔥🔥😅💦🔥
    The PULSATING part is a new thing and surely intense.. may thats what tightens us up 💪

  4. Wowzers this was awesome!! I’d love to have whatever you’re offering haha I’m slowly starting to workout again and these videos are perfection & you’re so much fun 😁😁 cheers

  5. Thanks for your workouts. I would love to see more for strengthening and toning lower back.

  6. Best fitness videos ever love them ♥️xx

  7. How many times per week is ideal to work out the arms to get the toned results?

  8. Love Rebecca, she is energizing and motivating to all ages. Thank you Rebecca💪

  9. Hello Rebecca!!!! Can this be done EVERY DAY??? 🙂 I think you are SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary

  10. I would love a meal plan! -I love your arm workouts! 💪💪💪

  11. You are soo energetic and amazing

  12. Loved this one woooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I love working out with you Rebecca 🔥

  14. My little nieces fondly call them the "Jiggaly-jiggalies" or grandma's jello arms. Grandma passed away but we still call em "Jiggaly-jiggalies" in her "honor" for affectionate fun. Love the workouts! Love working out with Rebecca since her XHIIT years. Fun and motivational! Yey! So great to see you have your own channel now. Congrats! Hope to actually meet you someday when traveling is much safer again.

  15. Felt like 15 minutes. I CAN FEEL THE BURN REBECCA!!!! #ICFTBR

  16. instead of kettle ball can i use dumbell rebbecca thank you

  17. Did this without weights. Still felt the burn! (Apr 26, 2020)

  18. I can feel the burn Rebecca and have shared your workouts on my FB page!

  19. What pds of kettlebell do you use here @rebecca? 🙂

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