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  2. Love u 😍❤️ The only one who makes this kind of video's

  3. I felt like I was dead after this-

  4. ★彡[snα𝔭bαbes0]彡★

    Vous ne croirеz pas! J'аі réussi à pеrdre 14 kg en 3 semаіnes
    …Le рoids ne rеvіеnt pаs…Ça м'а aidé

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  6. Seus movimentos são fortes e precisos. Parabéns.

  7. This is just one of the best dance workouts hands down!!

  8. yo ago para tener los cuadritos del cuerpo

  9. I am here just for music. Iam lazy bich

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  11. l will say the song is the best song l really like your song girl you are a masing to me,

  12. Dude u r seriously maaaaad fit! xD looking at this, made me tired 😭

  13. You are honestly killing it ✨😊👌

  14. Me in bed at 2:00am eating chips in a blanket in a dark room: noding my head with the beats watching this.

  15. Me ( before) : The song too short
    After : ….

  16. Omg watching this video a year and a half later and her body has changed so much!! Love seeing your progress too Maddie!

  17. wow!!!! I will try with your videos ❤️

  18. Now, this is what I call CREATIVITY! Who else didn't realise time went fast so quickly!?!?!?!

  19. Who else thinks she looks like the girl from the movie tall girl??????

  20. Maddie it would make me so happy if you would make a workout program so we could follow a schedule. Pretty please??? Like one of six-pack abs or hourglass or something. Like so she can see!

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