Wednesday , December 2 2020

Bodyweight Home Workout for Women Over 40

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  1. You are so much fun!!!! Stand-up comedy work-out!!!Thank you!!!

  2. Hi PJ! Loved the fact that you used a household product that everybody has!! Looking forward to the next fun workout!:)

  3. so glad to find you! i'm 54 and workout regularly but finding that most workouts are geared toward 20-30 year olds which not working for me so much these days…yet a lot of "over 50" workouts not nearly enough. this was great and i look forward to exploring more!

  4. U r videos r very good but y u dont make it wd minutes. Then it will be very helpfull for us. Pla make full body workout wd tymings

  5. Hello just watched your workout video it's nice nd amazing. But i have a knee problem so which workout should i do please suggest nd share me s link. Am new member .

  6. Hi PJ, greetings from Nairobi. I just tried the tissue workout today and loved it, I was dripping sweat at the end it. Now I have a renewed respect for toilet paper 😀. I enjoy your workouts, thanks a million.

  7. Awesome workout PJ – thanks! I’ll subscribe to the 3-week one as well 👏💪🙏🏻

  8. This is no "crappy" workout! Cool "beans!"

  9. Loved TP workout. I do not have gym kit. TP I have!

  10. Thanks for the really good training. I did it frist time. Best against raining in west germany this saturday

  11. Awesome work out..thanks pj😘👍

  12. That was some much needed humor! Just did it for the second time and was a needed pick me up. Thanks for the levity! Here from Knoxville, TN.

  13. So much fun and got me really sweaty!!! Thank you!

  14. Thank you PJ for all your enthusiam, encouragement and energy!! I did the whole workout!!

  15. That was Totally Powerful (TP)!
    Thanks PJ 😃

  16. 3 rounds of single leg bridge is brutal! My thighs are burning~~~~~

  17. Thanks for a great work out, enjoyed the TP!!

  18. This was such a fun, but as you said, legit, workout. Thanks so much PJ!

  19. Where oh where did you get the toilet paper? I have checked every store around me and NONE. So happy you have some extra. Thank you for making me laugh and your quality workouts. By the way can anyone spare a roll???? Thank you, Pam.

  20. That was an awesome workout! Here's a TP joke that I recently heard: Why was the toilet paper stuck on the road? Because he was stuck in a crack. Might be TMI but thought you'd laugh. Loving your workouts from San Francisco! Stay safe.

  21. You should do this workout, you've got nothing to loos. Thanks PJ I'm pooped 😜😜💩 love the humour really gets me through xx

  22. Great work out it was fun!! 😀😀😀😀

  23. Fun workout thanks for the tp laughs. Why didn't the toilet paper cross the road…..he fell into the crack..have a good

  24. I needed a good laugh and a good sweat this morning. Thank you!

  25. That was a lot of fun and it still was a sweaty one!! Thank you again!!

  26. Thanks for the great workout. I'll wiped! LOL

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