Thursday , December 3 2020

Full Body Tone & Stretch 20 Minute Workout – Ballet Inspired For Beginners At Home

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  2. after years this is still one of my favorite workout videos on youtube. the stretches are so helpful!!

  3. really good workout! yesterday i went on a hike and this morning my legs were v sore but wanted to get my blood pumping, this was perfect!

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  5. I loved the experience but it is pretty slow and more talking.

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  8. Did this with my daughter, we loved it❤️, felt like we were working out with a friend.
    You’re awsome

  9. I really enjoyed this work-out, thank you!

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  11. This was badly shot. Like why do you zoom in the top body when you need to see what the lower body is doing. I hope this instructor improved in her recent videos.

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  13. My 2nd day of workout 😂🔥, I feel a bit exhausted but doing good 🙌🏻

  14. This was really nice. I was sore from a weight workout yesterday and this was a great rest day workout. Felt great.

  15. Day 3 lot of pain😁 motivating myself looking at my baby girl for her I need to be fit

  16. Loved it you are just awsome , thank you sooooo much … m motivated

  17. This didnt seem so challenging until this morning i woke up feeling sore..Love this workout

  18. I could really feel this exercises! Really good, thank you!

  19. Loved this workout and your energy throughout. Thank you so much! – Leyy. 💕

  20. This lady is too self conscious…playing w her hair between exercises. You care more about looking good than teaching the exercise. Not good.

  21. Worst of the worst. I did not feel any pain. She talks a lot.

  22. Awesome workout always love to work with Tara

  23. I love doing this workout to start .. get's me warmed up for Tara's other workouts. They're all great!

  24. she's relaxing. her voice is not hyper like some of the others and also she doesn't pretend to be 'biology professor'

  25. Thank you so much for this, loved the stretches!!!

  26. You should practice with Unflexal. Google this or just go to Unflexal workouts 😀

  27. Too much talk no action. YOu need more than this to tone believe me

  28. I loved this workout session! thank you

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