Sunday , September 20 2020

Full UPPER BODY Workout (Tone & Sculpt) – 15 min At Home

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this dumbbell upper body workout! How did you do? Let me know down below! Xx – Maddie

  2. Since finding MadFit I actually don't miss the gym. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. This workout got my arms feeling pumped up. Thanks!

  4. One of my favourites. Basic simple but effective movements. Makes a good 45min workout.

  5. what size are the weights you are using?

  6. I really like the workout, but I would prefer a long upper body workout.

  7. This was perfect for me. Needed to find a good video that didn't do push ups as it kills my wrist! Thank you for the video!

  8. Great work-out. Love the simple, clean work-out with minimal instructions. Nice reminders here and there about form. Thanks Maddie.

  9. Awesome I definitely like these kind of workouts, thank you

  10. sometimes when i do the tricep dips my left arm goes numb near the elbow- any tips?

  11. i did 3 sets instead of 2 today 🙁 so proud of myself. thanks so much for having strength workouts maddie!!!

  12. Thank you very much. I'm a fan already!

  13. Love these videos! Could you possibly do more weighted dumbbell upper body and lower body workouts that are 20 minutes or more with more intensity?

  14. Will this make my arms bigger or slimmer and toned. My arms are already big and I'm so scared of weights

  15. Dear MadFit, what a GREAT upper body workout this is. Sorry to say that at 8:22 min, I had to stop for a break but my arms were so tired that I couldnt finish it. If I am not too sore tomorrow I will do it agin. I love it!! One question please, please reply Can I do this workout EVERY DAY? Thank you and hope you keep that figure for the next 50 years…. July 23, 2020

  16. hi! may I know what was the weight of your dumbbells? because mine is like really light so I bet the result might appears late and yours seems heavy

  17. Dear Maddie, I've been doing this exercise for a month & I think it works because my under bra bulge is gone and my arms feel firmer. In the first week my arms, chests & shoulders are so sore because the last exercise is killing me! And for the rest of the weeks I manage to gradually not take a break & try to really "hold for a second" to feel the burn 😣. Fyi, I regularly do a 45 minutes cardio on stationary bike, and this is the only upper body/arms exercise I do. So, Thank you & I'm gonna start your 10 minutes toned arms tomorrow 💪

  18. This is the first video I have seen of urs and I just did everything with the video. Amazon work out I went a extra round and I feel my end getting stronger. Thank u so much b. U r great at gicint instructions❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Would love to see more of these videos please x

  20. ¡TE VEO DESDE MÉXICO, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR TÚ ESFUERZO Y DEDICACIÓN!, quiero qué sepas qué gracias a tí llevo un año haciendo ejercicio y he visto cambios asombrosos. Dios te bendiga.

  21. awesome like the strength workouts.

  22. I just did all 10lbs and man that was hard but there’s something very relaxing about your videos

  23. Sold on your channel by this simple to do and great video! Thank you!!!

  24. this exercises can also help de boobs aerea?

  25. Why did time slow down during the tricep exercise? It burrrrrns!!

  26. Very boring…u seem low on energy and passion…may it's for only this video

  27. Maddie!!!! I love all your videos. Thank you so much. I enjoy your attitude, gentle nudges for correct form, music in the background. Everything! I started to get into pool workouts since it’s summertime and I was wondering if you could make a pool workout video for us to follow along too? The ones I’ve found on YouTube just aren’t the same since it isn’t you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Maddie!Could you pls come up with a set of intensive workouts done with a single dumbbell only.
    -Also, you inspire:)!

  29. how many calories will this video burn???

  30. Thank you so much for this! I am new to weight training so this is a great place for me to begin. I really appreciate your work, I'll be cycling through your videos!

  31. that last tricep move was the death of me

  32. Great video! Please add more 20 min upper body's like these!! Thank you 🙂

  33. Awesome workout would love to try more.

  34. Ur awesome Maddie me and my mom do these workouts every day!

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