1. Who felt the BURN? 🔥comment with a 3 if you completed it!
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  2. You’re a wonderful person, Rebecca! I really admire you. I wish more people cared about the planet and the animals.

  3. One of the best workout.💜my arms are on🔥really loved it

  4. I've done this workout by replacing the elastic bands with dumbbells, and it felt great.

  5. I think Rebecca has the only valid response to the tiger king craze

  6. maybe one of my favorite upper body workouts! Give me a 10 in the comments if you completed it! 💪🏻

  7. Like it! I like the time you put on screen so that I can also see it heheh

  8. Love love LOVE your resistance band workouts, would love too see a series like this! 💜

  9. Great routine 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪 thanks.

  10. Can we use straight bands and tie it as circle like this. I have long pilates band but not these circular ones.
    By the way it is an awesome workout.

  11. I don’t have a resistance band, what can I use?

  12. Absolutely amazing workout, Rebecca!💜 Man, I'm so in 🔥 right now!

  13. Hello DEAR. Nice video dear. My favourite Arms work out. Please make some more early videos on arms. I have already requested u to make new videos on coller bones without weights. But all in vain. Please make.

  14. I love this workout! I have shoulder issues that limit what I can do and I could do all of these and more importantly I felt muscle burn when I was done. Thank you Rebecca!!!!!!

  15. Great workout. Thank you Louise 😍

  16. 배경이 너무 시원하고 좋네요
    그림자도 멋있고 초록잔디도 이쁘고,,,

  17. Great burn today! 🔥💪 I am soooo excited for all the live workouts in May, part of me is hoping the lockdown continues just so I can join all of them!

  18. me ha gustado mucho por favor puede hacer mas de brazos con goma, gracias

  19. I LOVE your arm workouts!!!! Truly you don't dissappoint 💙💙

  20. Love that you support Four Paws. I became a monthly donor last year. They do amazing work 🐾🐾❤️

  21. One of the best workout . Really loved it

  22. Thank you for the workout and for bringing awareness to these beautiful creatures ❤️

  23. Me looking at the resistance bands clueless 👀 Wonder woman back with her awesomeness !!💞🤩 ready to feel the burn!!! 🔥

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