Thursday , October 29 2020

How to Shoot a Fitness Video | Job Shadow

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  1. The only problem I have have with 24fps at 1/50 is the camera jitter I don't know how you get past that at that shutter speed

  2. Anyone an idea what framerate the video is shot in?

  3. fantastic content and tips, thanks a lot!

  4. 👋 Hello guys, Im engage and love all your teachings, but the cost its to imposible for me in this situation, do you guys have an option for split the payment or monthly installment? Thanks for everything!

  5. Awesome guys, thanks for showing. Let's go shoot The Rock's workout 😀

  6. It's amazing the things you notice before and after watching the process. I didn't even notice any breathing the first time through, but after watching through the whole video and hearing you talk about how important it is to capture sounds on set, I was almost hyper-aware of the breathing the second watch through, like it was almost too loud. Weird how that is. Great video.

  7. This guy is talent. Great info.
    I’m about make some easy cash with future gym edit hehe thanks

  8. Thank you for your training video tutorials, I really want to have my video to be like a pro, I know it will take a lot of practice. Thank you.

  9. I'm not into videography at all but I enjoyed this

  10. I already shoot fitness videos, but I never clicked so fast. Always know that this channel will deliver quality content!

  11. I just learnt one month film school in only 10 min video!!
    You're great guys

    Plz never stop sharing your "How To" with us.

  12. How much would you slow down the clip on 60fps

  13. What is the equipment name covering the lens? I am assuming some sort of filter? I am new to video, so sorry for the dumb question.

  14. This video is absolutely sick, learned so much from it. May I ask you which lite tubes you use and how do you attach them onto different objects?

  15. I shot a couple bodybuilding workouts on my channel if anyone wants to check those out. More of a gritty/dirty/industrial look

  16. Amazing content I mean I'm always curious to what your next content is
    Keep it up 💥👌

  17. It's just so easy to just workout when the other guy shoots your video and edits them into a commercial. Where do i find these guys??

  18. Idk if it's just me or not but when I saw the first sequence their body proportions seemed very odd, i guess something went wrong while de-squeezing the anamorphic footage..

  19. I was waiting for this video since I subscribed you sir… Thank you so much… Keep inspiring us.

  20., this is my inspired video from this thanks a ton fulltime filmmaker team

  21. Okay, so the video is AWESOME but in my little world, I was wondering how to shoot a Fitness/Gym hype video on a budget. I don't have $6K in my whole YouTube studio. LOL.

  22. Nice video! 
    Try – Must have for all video editors/creators.
    1. lightening fast video transfer
    2. automated time stamping
    3. preview without downloading
    Try it – its free.

  23. ​@UCw9zJ3qnebPPGsutiEAvu5Q is missing 🙁

  24. Great Video, tho the standart Cinemascope ratio should be 2.35:1 instead of 2.39:1. Or was it 2.39:1 for your camera and because its very close you said its the standart cinemascope resolution? Correct me if im wrong there.

  25. Which kind of matte box and filter in this video?

  26. Nice images! What are the tubelights? Cant find them in the gear section!

  27. Absolutely loved this! Will there be a more expanded on version within the FTF course?

  28. Landon's Looking like Captain America in Winter soldier

  29. Is there a cheaper option for filming in this aspect ratio?

  30. Great video! Super helpful so thank you! What tube lights do you recommend and how did you attach them to the rack?

  31. Really really nice video!! Love your categories and kind of tutorial! Plsss moreeee

  32. Canan R5 camera beginner tutorial model

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