Wednesday , October 21 2020

MUFFIN TOP WORKOUT: Losing Stomach Fat & Toning Up! | Olivia Patrice

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  1. Drop in the comment section workouts you want to see this fall! Sooo scratch #SnatchedSeptember it’s just #SnatchedSeason 💪🏾 we have goals to hit! 3 months until the new year, let’s get it!

  2. I've lost 90 pds but tummy is the hardest to loose. I struggle with the bottom part.

  3. Liv your waist!! Omg😎💜 I'm trying to get back motivated!

  4. Your so weird and cute I can’t 😭😭♥️♥️😫 I live for this
    Yo girl gonna buy herself this belt 🤤 I know it’s gotta be effective girlie

  5. The persons that dislike this videos are jealous to see you how thin you look, good job girl and continue down the road you are heading 💪

  6. You continue to inspire me to be a healthier version of myself. Thank you🙏🏾… lemme get out this bed and go workout now lol

  7. What is the name of this sauna suit?

  8. What u use for preworkout? I drink Bang (and they WORK WORK!), but I don’t wanna be drinking energy drinks too often

  9. Giiirl you put me in the mind of Gabrielle Union!! Beautiful!!

  10. TFS!! 💕 Your videos are so helpful and encouraging!!

  11. How are you working out but keeping ur thighs and hips my stomach pouch won't go away after i had my baby but my thighs went down alot

  12. Baby your shape is TEA! Like yes I love it

  13. New subscriber here glad we are watching you go through journey and I started going on 2 weeks now .. I tell myself I've got this no matter what I can make it to my goal weight. I wanna feel beautiful inside and outside Also to look great naked too LOL

  14. Awesome video as always you are my motivation thank you so much

  15. Am sticking on my plan.let the haters talk but am making it soon thx olive

  16. What the heck I looked on IG and I didn't see the sauna suit!

  17. Hey love! Can you please do a real time work out. So I can work out with u and switch when u do too. 🙌🏽

  18. Thank for making this video it help me so much i have that problem muffin top

  19. I’m about to watch all your videos

  20. Maybe it's not up yet but I didn't see the sauna suit on your IG page

  21. Have you ever tried bang?! It’s a pre workout drink/ energy drink .. I drink them on my real down days at work and they have me bouncing off the wall! My favorite is cotton candy! Can’t wait to get snatched like you!! 😬🥰

  22. Sis I need that. You look good. Yassss I gotta buy it. hey sis.

  23. With God all things are possible always #snatchedgang I’m sharing my weight loss story as well along with battling severe depression. You inspired me to start telling my story on this platform.

  24. Mountain climbers for that li pouch in the front and a lot of them and other lower stomach workouts! Two weeks that will be almost gone! Beautiful tho!

  25. Gahh damn booty 🍑🤣🤣🤣… thanks for the real at home workouts I’m going to try them cause the ones I do aren’t efficient… keep up the good work you look great 😘

  26. You got the hour glass shape tiny waist n broad hips girl you have from far and I'm so proud of you keep it up

  27. Liv
    I love the t-shirt. I’m so proud of you. You hv help me so much. Thank you for being you.🌸

  28. ❤️❤️❤️ yes girl goals!!!! I feel the same way stress free I love jogging and walking

  29. Them standing crunches look weird lol I like these workout ideas. I love cardio & weights. Looking good sis snatched!!

  30. When you turned around at :23 and that 🍑 was like WABAM! I was like yassssss 😂😂 thanks for another great video!

  31. Your doing so amazing! Those sauna suits are no joke. I love it

  32. Thank you so much for making this video ❤❤❤

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