1. Great great workout video, thank you very much

  2. Great workout, done this a few times now and yes I was puffing, certainly raises the heart rate quick, and yes my triceps were burning at the end. Thanks James and everybody for these all workouts and information in these unusual times, really appreciate it. Who would of thought it Resistance Bands.

  3. How many Circcuits or reps I shall do or is it just one circuit?

  4. In what part of the workout do I inject the roidz?

  5. I did his workout, and it's killing me like I am dead after 2 sets.

  6. had to mute the video while watching this

  7. This gave me the same pump and level of exhaustion as my 35 min dumbbell workout! Thanks !

  8. Been looking for a exercise to do 3X a week. No room to put my exercise bike In the house so this is a great replacement plus it's fun

  9. One of the most authentic work out Videos..
    Good range of exercises shown..
    Plus the efforts that you have put in..
    Amazing !
    Thank you for this Video..

  10. Hey, does anyone know how many times we do this? I'm doing once after my hip and leg strengthening exercises MWF, then cardio TTH. Should we be doing 2 rounds or just the one?

  11. You know some people feel discouraged or have their ego tickled when they can continue an exercise with tye current weight but seeing you guys who are shredded af kinda takes me by suprise but it makes me feel better knowing everyone suffers fatigue no matter how crazy ripped you are

  12. The other guy was almost everytime doing the exercises in poor form

  13. Cardio wise- this would probably be equal to a 4 mile jog right?

  14. 3 months post Covid. Can only do like 10-15 secs max of each. 😟

  15. This is perfect for Lockdown in the UK and its kicking my arse. Great workout.

  16. Very very nice workout🏋🚴💪

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