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  1. MADFIT FAM! ❤️ I am SO excited to share this workout calendar with you guys! I KNOW how long you've been waiting for a new one 😅. Let's to come together as a community and complete this TOGETHER! Please feel free to use this comment section to provide updates, check-in with each other, motivate each other, and ask questions! I'll be checking in every so often to see how you guys are doing. Sending you all so much love! LET'S GET TO IT! Xx – Maddie

  2. Thanks so much for this. I hardly ever comment on YouTube but I just had to.

  3. January 24th and I'm about to start this challenge. Who's with me? I'm gonna be commenting under every video for the next 30 days. Let's share our experiences

  4. What is new video for Day 8? (no link?)

  5. I’ve been looking for something like this so I’m sooo excited to start this I will start tomorrow and updat you guys when I finish my starting weight is 211lbs and I’m 5’2 lol so I am very big so hopefully it’s helps me slim down

  6. Day1: so sore and tired. Even the warm up was hard, the first video went okay but the second video I loved the moves but it was just to hard to finish I finished half of it and did no cool down. My back, and legs are very sore but day 2 it is td
    Day 2: I did the workout and the shorter warm up and no cool day cause I thought I didn’t need it, little did I know the next day my buttt was so sore. Also didn’t do the second workout instead I went swimming and did laps
    Day 3: my legs and mostly butt and hamstrings were very sore but today was just a dance workout which I did at 10:00 very late but decided to get the workout in
    Day 4: I woke up and did the entire workout even the warm up and cool down, today felt much more easier and my abs we’re on fire

  7. +Decidi dejar un dia entre cada 1 de ejercicio puesto que suelo caminar 1 hora a diario y necesito acostumbrarme al cansancio de ambas cosas.+

    Day 1✅: 08/08 – No recuerdo como me senti, pero luego lo editare

    Day 2✅: 10/08 – Aun me duelen bastante las piernas con el ejercicio del primer dia, pero al menos no sigo tan exhausta. Disfrute bastante los ejercicios del dia de hoy, pero la verdad me da algo de flojera el tema de agacharme una y otra vez jajaja.

    Aun no tengo idea de si terminare el reto, pero el dia de abdomen parece que tuvo su efecto, aunque llevo algunos meses caminando me puede tomar alrededor de un mes bajar tan siquiera las 4 libras, pero esta ocasion me pese y para mi sorpresa habia perdido mas que eso.

    Realmente estoy cansada de vivir asi de exhausta, asi que esta vez quiero intentar tener al menos un pedacito de vida saludable.

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Day 6
    Day 7

    Day 8

    Day 9

    Day 10

    Day 11

    Day 12

    Day 13

    Day 14

    Day 15

    Day 16

    Day 17

    Day 18

    Day 19

    Day 20

    Day 21

    Day 22

  8. I’m really hoping to finish this! I’m worried about having to do this and school but we got this!

    DAY 1 ☑️- i chickened out on some of the exercises. DEFINITELY still worked up a sweat. i really need to work on my arm strength.

  9. Its middle of June and I started this December workout calendar yesterday, on a Tuesday. I wanna say this to anyone who's waiting for motivation; you can start anything whenever you want to. I like to tell myself 'you can start your day at anytime of the day' because it's always ok to restart and try again if you have to. Same goes with workouts, so let's get to it 🥰

  10. Working out after over an year, my body fought covid twice & I want to regain its strength and give it some love ❤️ Day 1 : done ( only 1 round for each tho)

  11. June 2022, I started this calendar again because I had already done the "21 Days" on the app twice in a row and I needed to change. Calendars are my favorites, the Top for me is to have the Warm Up and the Cool Down included (so as not to have to play different videos to workout)

  12. What does the new video days mean are those not workouts? I was looking into Chloe ring workouts but you are highly recommended by a lot of other people who workout and they give you shout outs on tik tok so here I am 🥰

  13. What is day 28 new video having trouble finding it

  14. I finally finished the whole calendar. It was amazing and motivating.

  15. MADDIE, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Just finished the December workout calendar and I feel amazing! I'm ready now to head over to your app for more workout programs like these! I'm someone who used to feel that working out is some kind of a duty, with you, I look forward to it! You made exercising so much fun for me. THANK YOU!

  16. I cant find the day 8 new video, can someone help me out 🙁

  17. I'm gonna try this in March. I'll probably end up not doing the whole workout each day because I'm really weak right now 😭 but I'll try my best and hopefully by april I'll be able to do it a lot easier

  18. did she stop making calendar for 2022?

  19. Maddiiieeee, please add video links of the day 8th,13th,23th and 28th. Love you <3

  20. ATTEMPT #2
    DAY 1 ✅(16.02)- my abs are so weak :') and flexibility? even worse lol but i'm giving it my best x
    DAY 2 ✅(17.02)- leg days sure are the best xx
    DAY 3 ✅(18.02)- february is quite not the christmas time; i didn't work out with the video, but i definitely felt like dancing so i just danced x
    DAY 4✅(19.02) – man, it was hard-
    DAY 5 ❌(20.02)
    DAY 6 ✅(21.02)- done, but i'm not tired at all so i think my 'dumbbells' are to light for this 😛 (update: nvm i have soreness)
    DAY 7✅(22.02) – so intense
    DAY 8✅ (23.02) – it was hard, i wasn't able to do some of the excersises
    (25.02)👀 today I had PE and we went to the gym – I had a 3k run and I've done a bunch of strenght excercises with weights so I didn't do the challenge
    DAY 9 ✅(27.02) – DONEEE
    (28.02) 👀 PE classes
    (4.03) 👀PE classes
    DAY 10 ✅(7.03)
    DAY 11 ✅(8.03)
    DAY 13 ✅(9.03)
    (10.03) ❌
    (11.03) 👀PE classes
    DAY 14 ✅(12.03)
    DAY 15 ✅(13.03) took some breaks and didn't complete some exercises of the 2nd video
    DAY 16 ✅(14.03) my muscles are starting to show (i'm on a calorie deficit, it's not only the workouts)
    DAY 17 ✅(15.03)
    (16,17.03) ❌
    DAY 18 ✅(18.03) have only done one of the videos
    not quite DAY 19 ✅(19.03) I felt like i needed more upper body excersises so I've done
    10 min AT HOME UPPER BODY (Back & Biceps Dumbbell Workout)
    and Full UPPER BODY Workout (Tone & Sculpt) – 15 min At Home
    (20,21.03) ❌
    DAY 20 ✅(22.03)
    DAY 21 ✅(23.03)
    DAY 22 ✅(24.03)
    (23.03) ❌
    DAY 23 ✅(26.03) just got my resistance bands, so i've done some following workouts instead:
    10 min RESISTANCE BAND BOOTY At Home Workout (Glute Activation)
    and 20 MIN BOOTY / LEG WORKOUT – weights & booty band (grow your booty)
    DAY 24 ✅(27.03) it;s a cardio day, so i went for a run (4km)
    (28,29,30.03) ❌
    DAY 25 ✅(31.03)
    DAY 26 ✅(01.04)
    (02.04) ❌
    DAY 27 ✅(03.04)
    DAY 28 ✅(04.04)

    ATTEMPT #1

    22.01 DAY 1 – done

    23.01 DAY 2 – i'm so tired, all sweaty and yet so happy i made it 🙂

    24.01 – dear god – my legs hurt so badly i can barely walk lol

    25.01 DAY 4 – yesterday i took a nap after I came home and woke up today morning, so I didn't complete day 3 :')

    Doing cardio was fun, but I wasn't able to do most of the abs exercises

    29.01 DAY 6 tired 🙂 but at least back on track

    30.01 DAY 7 – done

    31.01 DAY 8 – "done" – it was too intense for me, but i did as musch as i could

    1.02 DAY 9 – I was only able to do one of the videos (gave up after 5 mins of the 2nd one)

    2.02 I'm really tired and feel like I need a day off ://

    3.02 DAY 10 – doneeee

    4.02 :(((

    5.02 DAY 11 – did as much as i could

  21. Can you do one for February 2022 plzzzzz

  22. Who else has been doing this calendar again in January?

  23. Hi Maddie, I'm starting the challenge and wanted to ask, if you could update the video info and link the new videos you posted during the challenge please?

  24. Am so excited, wish I saw that sooner !! Starting tomorrow, thank you😍

  25. I just started the routine
    So excited for this
    Did day 1, felt so amazing. Just one quick question, how do I find the ones marked as new videos?
    Are they dated to know which ones is day 8 and which ones are the rest?

  26. I haven't could find video for day 13. Could somebody give the link? Thanks.

  27. This calendar was super useful! I don’t mind working out, but I often feel like I don’t know what to do, so having a clear daily routine was perfect! Cheers

  28. This video kept me on track in December. Thank you for posting this! I hope to see another month challenge soon, it's the only thing that kept me going!

  29. Is there a way to link the new videos into the description? For us late to the party, I don't know what exercise to do for those days. Thanks!

  30. Good morning. Now that the challenge is over are you able to complete the playlist with all the videos for future use it would be fantastic. Thank you so much for everything! It’s been crazy good.

  31. i did this in december but since I enjoyed it so much, I'm gonna do it again in January 🙂

  32. Hello! I started this a few days ago, can anyone tell me what day 8, 13, 23 and 28 was?

  33. hey guys, i am taking the december challenge into january because i started later. did you do a warmup before the friday dance cardio sessions?

  34. Hello! I’m doing day on new years, I mean never too late.
    Day 1: I’m practically dead. A bit too drained, esp after not working out in forever. Felt disappointed when I could not do some of the exercises but hey, let’s keep going!
    Day 2: My thighs are dying, did the excercises with water bottles as I don’t have weights;) but yay! Feeling great! Did this at 10am and now ready to go!
    Day 3: Done! Good but intense!
    Day 4: Pheww, abs are killing me. Feeling great now that I’m done! Did it after school, was very tired but forced myself to do it!
    Day 5: So glad it was stretching, came home at 7 and forceddd myself to do it, feel the stretch now! So proud of myself for doing it!
    Day 6: The stretch brought me cramps in my thigh😂 when I felt the stretch, it was what I needed. Did it with waterbottles again and pushed myself to do it immediately after I came home from school with no rest.
    Day 7: My arms are so sore omg. Maddie’s really killing me to the point that 3 min dances are tiring, but hey, done with week one!
    Day 8: I think the best way to describe today is~ my abs are so god damn sore and dead💀Pusheeedd myself through this and I swear I have never felt so happy during a 15 sec break that is given. Don’t give up! Let’s go!
    Day 9: My abs and thighs are literally jelly. Drenched and I mean drenched in sweat omg. Wow Maddie! Loving and hating this at the same time😒😂Thank you!
    Day 10: Phew! So happy it was just dancing at the start and then came the 3 min AB killer that I chose and now I’m lying on the floor, dying to get up! Yay! 10 days of continuous workouts! Let’s go!
    Day 11: OMG. Drenched and I mean drenched in sweat. Feeling great now! Was so close to skipping today but so glad I didn’t. Going to go shower and feel clean and do something productive! Today was so intense! Yay
    Day 12: Really felt that stretch… Felt so nice doing the 20 min stretch Maddie! Phew. That was a good stretch. Glad I forced myself not to give up. Let’s go guys, don’t give up.
    Day 13: That was a good lazy day workout! Awesome job! It was great that it was full body.
    Day 14: I seriously didn’t expect 5 min burn to be so hard omg… 2 weeks! Let’s go! Phewww
    Day 15: Ahhh the 10 min AB😭Good burn!
    Day 16: My booty and legs are jello! Ahh the squats… did not do 200 but so glad I still did my best!
    Day 17: So so glad it was a dance. 10 minutes go very very slow whenever it is a workout omg😭😳Also my thighs and leg hurt and is sore from yesterday :’(
    Day 18: The best way to describe today- lower body and abs is sore. Sweating profusely😂Pumped to shower, get clean and do homework and study! Thanks a million Maddie❤️
    Day 19: Done with the stench✅The stretch was needed! Did this at 10 am and now ready for a productive day!!!
    didn’t workout for 2 days as I was in a horrible mindeset and was feeling down ( hope it’s okay if I just continue with day 20, well I did)
    Day 20: Holy moly the sweat oml.. Maddie, love and hate ya at the same time. This one was a killer. Sweating so much even in my eyes. So pumped to shower and go study! Thanks Maddie! The sweat😪
    Day 21: 😮‍💨 done!

  35. just finished the challenge!!! ive never been so proud of myself, last year i wasnt able to finish the january challenge but this i didnt skip one day. i feel SOOO much stronger now. thank you maddie!!! 🙂

  36. Just completed the challenge! Thank you, MadFit 🙂 Feeling strong heading into 2022.

  37. Maddie I have just finished my december challenge my body has changed and my mind even more.I thank you so much and wish you a wonderful new year🍾💐.Happy New year to everyone!

  38. I just finished the last day, I can't believe it!!! An enormous congrats to all the people that came this far, it wasn't easy but we made it and we can be more than proud of ourselves! I started without any equipments, running in my house to found a carpet where i could put myself to start. I have now a yoga mat and to congrats me bought some 10 pounds dumbbells. I didn't change the way i ate, which consisted of basic house food with sugary food and fastfood times to times, and i lost a bit still😊 Even for those who aren't ready to change everything at the same time i say go for it, you'll never know what will happen!!! An enormous thanks to Maddie, but also to all of the people here that did it with me, the comments made me feel each time more motivated, telling myself that oh we are all together in this journey. I will tomorrow start the January calendar, I hope to see some people there as well, keep pushing it guys!

  39. Maddie! I just finished the Day 31 workout! This has been a great month. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!!

  40. OMG I can't believe I did it, challenge done!!! Thank you so much for that Maddie, it was all I needed to end 2021 proud of myself! Hugs from Brazil! 💚

  41. Maddie, it was simply fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Challenge done, now I'm ready for the next one!!! With love and gratitude, Ale

  42. Day 31: did the second round of yesterday and today. Can’t believe I finished💪🏾. Thank you so much! This was a great way to start working out again

  43. Thank you so much for this month! Thanks to you it was perfect! Hugs from Ukraine!

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