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  1. It's time for a NEW WARM UP routine! This is the perfect full body warm up that you can do before every single workout! ❤️

  2. Finally a warmup routine that isn't a full workout for beginners.

  3. Thank you for creating new improved warm ups, warm ups help me a lot before exercising 👏🏻🤗.

  4. I like your 5-minute warm ups but I can't get them to cast from my phone to the TV. I don't have any trouble with your workouts casting from my phone to the TV but I can't get your warm ups. Please advise.

  5. I like your warm ups, thanks. Some of the workouts I do here don't have long enough warm ups or are not suitable for me, due to my injuries. 🙏

  6. This warm up will prevent injuries!

  7. doing this before my ab workout, thanks!

  8. this is my favorite warm up routine of urs!

  9. Wow! Your skin got so much healthier! 😮 u glowin'! <3

  10. You are very extremely beautiful with wonderful body exercises. Wishing you good health and a lot of success in your future job. Thank you indeed – Lecturer – TRAN CONG HOANG – HCM City Vocational Training College.

  11. This Warm Up was so helpful!Thank you! Which is the another account of you?

  12. If we used this before your full body workouts would we still do the 5 min warm ups included in those workouts? THANK YOU for this by the way! <3

  13. I am an beginner here, i love you’re warmup it isn’t so long as the other warmups x

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