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[Ashley Cases] TPU Clear Skin Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 – Hello Kitty Tiger Skin Pink

Benefit from using a Mobility Bands!
The power band exercise set is a portable gym on the go. You can have a quick workout at home/outdoors/in the office/at the gym/ in a hotel. You can also concentrate on the whole body or do isolation exercises on specific muscle groups, including core, back, legs, chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

The set consists of four bands of different width and color:
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual
1 x Purple- 81.9 inch x 1.7 inch, 50-125lb
1 x Green – 81.9 inch x 1.3 inch, 35-85lb
1 x Blue – 81.9 inch x 0.9 inch, 25-65lb
1 x Yellow – 81.9 inch x 0.5 inch , 15-35lb

Health-giving product It is a well-known fact that the power resistance bands significantly improves the growth of bones and muscles. Powerlifting bands is also considered to be an ideal therapy for injury rehabilitation and is one of the safest methods of strengthening bones to prevent back ailments. Being economic, versatile mobility bands, the pull up bands provide you with convenience and safety, and you will no longer have to worry about injuries.

Power band exercise trainer
The best resistance bands set is suitable for advanced, intermediate and beginner users due to its multifunctionality: there are 4 pull-up assist resistances of varying width and thickness to accommodate your personal fitness level and workout routine.

Advantages of the mobility bands:
– Money saving – you don’t have to pay good money for regular gym visits
– Time saving – you’re free to exercise whenever and wherever you want
– Safe to use
– no additional weights required
– Ideal for travelling
– thanks to their portability
– Suitable for everyone
– men and women, young and old
– Convenience – easytostorePull Up Assist Band Resistance Bands Exercise Bands For Body

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