Yoga Gym: The Revolutionary 28 Day Bodyweight Plan – for Strength, Flexibility and Fat Loss

Yoga Gym is for you if you want to start a fitness plan that will get you strong and supple. This effective 28-day yoga training programme will build strength, improve mobility and burn fat.

Whether you're a yoga fanatic, regular exerciser or complete novice, Yoga Gym is a totally new way to work out. By choosing from over 150 poses and exercises, or following the programme, Yoga Gym gives you the training, nutrition and motivational tools to sculpt a strong body and build a strong mind.

– Blends together traditional yoga poses with dynamic bodyweight strength training techniques that appeal to both men and women
– An effective, easy to follow, do-anywhere workout using no equipment
– Contains information on diet and yoga philosophy

Yoga Gym's message is powerful – yoga makes you strong!

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